New training game

Therapy for mild cognitive impairment and prevention of dementia

Prevent cognitive and physical impairments with a combination of physical and mental training.

The normal decline in mental and physical abilities in old age, which may end in dementia, is a major challenge for those affected and those around them.

In the “go4cognition” research project, an interdisciplinary team of specialists from various institutions – including neuropsychologists, sports scientists, doctors, care scientists and software developers – developed a new type of brain jogging that improves the mental and physical abilities of senior citizens.

Cognition – Mobility – Social Skills

Exercise, health and mental abilities are very closely linked. Exercise leads to health and a better sense of well-being. In addition, exercise also leads to an improvement in brain function and memory. Additional brain training brings further success in the development of mental abilities.

With go4cognition, 3 special areas are addressed and trained:

Cognition:Through games for memory, divided attention, word fluency, etc.
MobilityBy walking; the participants cover approx. 800 to 1000 meters on foot in one training session.
Social Skills:The participants interact and communicate with each other, solve tasks together, exchange ideas and look out for each other.

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